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Compelling simulation experiences that model reality and elevate engagement to drive understanding and adoption at scale.

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Designing & Delivering World Class Simulations

SXP design and deliver next generation simulations that help our partners and customers deliver successful outcomes by bringing their solutions, capability and learning to life. Examples of the groups we support are confirmed below.

Business & Technology Leaders

Create shared understanding to enhance strategy discussion and decision making. Bring the plan to life and convince teams across your IT Enterprise to adopt new ways of working and technologies. Educate your organisation virtually, rapidly and at scale, to build capability.

Education Providers

Complement your learning portfolio with powerful and engaging experiences that bring learning to life to close the gap between classroom and workplace. Enhance existing courses or deliver standalone to generate new revenue streams

Professional Services Organisations

Deliver powerful and insightful C-Suite workshops to identify capability gaps, convince CXOs of the benefits of transformation and help them model their strategy. Showcase your methodology, while clearly articulating business value and giving clients actionable insights.

Enterprise Technology Vendors

Take Sales and Marketing events to a new level of effectiveness, bringing your products to life to show their business context and value. Also, expedite implementation and adoption of your solutions to accelerate time to value, drive renewal and expand your footprint

Trusted by Leading Companies

Digital Simulation Platform

We have a range of off-the-shelf simulations as well as the ability to rapdily configure simulations to bring your message to life.

Run IT

Brings to life ITOM technologies and ITSM best practices to demonstrate their context and value in a complex service operations ecosystem. Users analyse data and select strategies to improve customer experience and  business performance, and are given instant and realistic feedback on their impact

DTXi (Digital Transformation Experience)

With a DevOps flavour, experience the key digital practices and technologies underpinning Digital Transformation. Balancing speed, quality and customer experience in a realistic business model, select optimal strategies to drive value and performance, with instant and realistic feedback on their impact.

Partner specific simulations

In addition to our off-the-shelf simulations, SXP can configure the DSP platform to showcase partner capability and business value. Here are three examples of vendor specific versions that we have created:

Continuous Testing

Simulation configured to demonstrate the value of adopting end to end Continuous Testing practices and automation

Digital Employee Experience

Simulation configured to demonstrate how measuring and managing employee experience drives efficiency and productivity

Industrial Monitoring

Simulation configured to demonstrate how a blend of monitoring, data analysis and best practice drives production efficiency and business profitability.

Partner with us

Become a partner and use our simulations to enhance your education portfolio, create more meaningful client workshops and demonstrate the value of your products.
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Learn more

In  the series of videos below SXP explain how simulations can be used to drive  value

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Platform Versatility

At SXP we understand the need for versatility and have built a modern platform to meet our partner and customer delivery needs.


Our simulations can be delivered to any audience size.

Virtual / Face to Face

Can be delivered as part of virtual/ online, hybrid or in person training.

Simple to Facilitate

Simple facilitator onboarding -the simulation does all the work.

Flexible Duration

Time flexible solution that can achieve outcomes in 2-8 hours

What People Say About Us

“The best things about the platform is it being a gaming tool which allows users to feel and do things as if in real life.”
Head of IT - International Exhibition Organisation
“Truly impressed by the DTXi Simulation in taking participants through a journey of a Digital Transformation. The interaction in the simulation enabled us to empathise with fellow leaders and helped us have more strategic conversations”
Country Manager - Leading ITSM Technology Service Integrator
“The enlightenment came from the simulations ability to get the team to consider perspectives from the position of other IT functions”
Head of Service Management - Top 5 Global University

About us

At SXP (Serious Experience), we are committed to creating engaging, realistic and insightful experiences that drive awareness and practical understanding of how enterprise technology and practice can impact business performance.

Our own industry experience and expertise has been gained over two decades of serious game and business simulation design, leading to the production of highly relevant simulations that resonate with the challenges facing executives and their teams today.

We have partnered globally with many technology vendors, CIO advisories and training providers to drive and enable sales, to accelerate product and transformation adoption, and to enhance best practice and technology education.

Simulation FAQs

Here are some questions we're often asked. Please contact us for more detail or something else that you thought of

How do virtual/hybrid simulation deliveries work?

As with any virtual workshops, a video conferencing tool is used to facilitate the event, whether 100% virtual, with all online, or hybrid, with some delegates in-room and others online. In parallel, the delegates log into the simulation to choose their strategies and see the results, which are reviewed by the facilitator in the video conference tool.

Can the simulations be integrated with best practice courses?

Yes, absolutely. The nature of our digital simulations is that they can be used in a number of ways to augment the learning in best practice courses like ITSM or DevOps, as follows:

  • before the event to introduce the subject at a high level to give the course more context
  • during the event, spread throughout the agenda to reinforce and support various learning outcomes at appropriate points in the curriculum
  • after the event to bring the learning to life and understand its application back in the workplace
How many delegates can join a simulation?

In respect of delegate numbers for an event, our digital simulations are completely flexible and will depend on the objective. They can be run 1:1 in a coaching session or 1:many in a workshop or marketing type event.

How easy is it to facilitate a simulation?

Extremely! Unlike other simulations, the simulation does all the work, allowing the facilitator to review and discuss learning outcomes, without worrying about how to run the simulation.

How do I become a partner?

Simply contact us in the ‘Partner with us’ section above. We’ll arrange a demo and discuss the process and commercials for partnering, which will vary depending on whether you’re interested in licensing our ‘off-the-shelf’ simulations or having the Digital Simulation Platform configured to deliver your own unique version to bring out your own value message.

What are the technology requirements for playing the simulation?

Our simulations are accessed via web browser, ideally via laptop or desktop. This means, other than device, only an internet connection is required, with no downloads.

How long does a simulation last?

The duration is dependent on the objectives of the event. In marketing/sales type events, outcomes can be delivered in two hours (or less with specially configured partner variants), whereas for content rich education type events, the duration might stretch to six hours. Alternatively, the simulation can be run in short sessions over a few days if in support of a course or to match delegate availability.

What audience are the simulations aimed at?

The simulations can be delivered to a range of different personas, from those that are new to IT to seasoned veterans. From senior leaders to those in operational roles. All that changes is the focus and objectives of the event and style of facilitation.

How are the simulations run with teams

Delegates have their own login to the simulation but, if preferred, can be assigned to teams. Ideally, team sizes are 3 to 4, which allows discussion and collaboration in the decision-making process. Team scores are aggregated, which provides some fun and healthy competition, whether virtual or in-person.

Interested in our services?

If you are interested in learning more about our simulations either as a customer or partner, we would love to hear from you.

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